ARE YOU PREGNANT: Congratulations, Future Mother

Here brings you the world's first initiatives, "HAPPY MOTHER" programme to make your issue blessed, wonderful and smooth.

This program was designed exclusively for you with complete care like your mother. No worries for anything, whom to consult, what to eat, what to do, medical tests, scanning's, hospital selection, room selection, pre and post delivery care, child care all these things just leave it us, we will take care of everything right from the date of you joined in this program to till you take your healthy, handsome and cute baby to your home.

Our Speciality: Take care high risk Pregnancies.

Duration: course starts from the date of registration to till delivery.

What covers in the package?

Blood tests, Scanning's, unlimited Gynecologist appointments & consultations, special designed nutrient & organic diet, Doctor Fees, Hospital Room rent, Surgery charges and all other chargers related to your delivery even if you are suggested to undergo for surgery also.( if required)

Special Features

Surprisingly there are many benefits for you in this program, every month free Scanning’s, early tiffa and tiffa Scanning as prescribed by the doctor, diet as per dieticians plan, transportation from your house to hospital and hospital to house, every week yoga under expert supervision for your kid healthy development and for normal delivery, special counseling with top doctors, and many more were included for you and your babies health.

Features Princess Queen Maharani
Medical Care (24 hrs)
Expert Medical Care(24 hrs)
Nutrient Food as per dietitian schedule Break Fast + Lunch Break Fast + Lunch + Dinner
Day Care
Yoga Every Week Every Week Every Day
Photo Shoot
Free Scanning’s, medical tests and consultations (During the Course) Every 3 months Every month Regular stream every month and no limit for consultations and scanning’s as per doctor’s opinion whenever it requires and free for till discharge. Free medical care till 6 months (post delivery).
Baby Care (After Delivery) For first 3 months OnlyFree vaccinations Up to first 12 months only Only Free vaccination for first 12 months + free pediatric consultations for first 12 months. Up to 36 months onlyEmergency baby care during the delivery time, free medical care (if Require) Free unlimited pediatric consultations, free vaccinations, 50% discount on any medical service.
Room types Deluxe Super Deluxe Premium class with 24 hours nursing assistance, internet, fax and free telephone calls. Free super deluxe room for guests and free breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Cosmetologist Care
Post Delivery Care
EMI Option

Food & Dietary Services

The Dietitian plans the diet based on the therapeutic needs of the patient. Local specialties, Continental and Chinese cuisine are available and any special dietary requirements will be met.


Premium class transport services are available for pick up and drop. (Only for the Patient)

Special Nurse

Special nurse services can be arranged through Nursing Department for Maharani Package opted patients only.

Post delivery care

We have united up with expert Ayurvedic clinics especially for post delivery care with abhynga, sootika kashya snana, lepam, Vestanam, kizhi (Navarakizhi, llakizhi) and more for your special care.

Want to know more:

Really we love that, Please write us at our dedicate team always happy to assist even if you doesn't avail our services.

Important & Statutory warning:
Pre natal diagnostic is prohibited and it is a very serious offence ,if any one forced to know the fetus sex and the persons who encouraged for this purpose will be punishable with imprisonment for 3 years with a fine of Rs. 10,000/-.