Why to Donate ?

  • Donating blood may decrease the risk of heart sickness for men and encouraging generation of red blood cells in body.
  • The quantity of venomous chemicals (e.g. mercury, pesticides particles, fire retardants) circulating in the blood flow is reduced by the amount controlled in given blood.
  • The good part is any one (healthy) can give blood again and again to save more lives in many ways.
  • Are you a regular blood donor? You can donate blood formerly in 12 weeks.


What to Do Why It's important
Eat an iron rich diet every day.

Iron helps to carry oxygen in the blood. Low blood iron makes people feel tired and they are more likely to become sick. Iron status is checked before every donation to make sure there is enough; people with low iron cannot donate blood.

Many women less than 50 years who are regular blood donors (2-3 blood donations per year) need an iron supplement to keep iron stores high enough to donate blood. Women should speak with their physician before taking a supplement.

Drink extra fluid before and after donating.

Being well hydrated increases blood volume. This makes veins easier to find and blood to move more quickly through the body.This makes donating blood faster and easier.

Drinking extra fluid will also help to replace the fluids lost during donation. Individuals who are dehydrated are more likely to faint after donating.

Eat before you donate. Don’t skip meals before donating blood. Your body will need the energy. You will feel better and be less likely to feel light headed after donating if you’ve eaten beforehand.
Avoid eating a very high fat meal (e.g. a large amount of deep fried food) for 3-4 hours before donating. Blood that contains too much circulating fat cannot be used. If too much fat is in the blood, normal blood testing – e.g. infectious disease testing – cannot be done.
Stop and have the snack served immediately after your donation. This will help to prevent light headedness, dizziness and weakness that can sometimes follow donating blood.

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