This application is intended to protect/save the medical history of the customer; this service is known as Electronic Medical Record safeguard is abridged form of the product known &named as "M Safe" is developed and serviced by The SanSra IBS India Pvt Ltd.

(A) This application is nothing but an agreement between the company known as The SanSra IBS India Pvt Ltd. and the customer, who can upload/download the records/data from his/her personal computer, after purchase of “M-Safe” and the services, either way of payment of consideration in cash/DD/cheque (Cheques are subject to realization only), the uploads/downloads can be done by the customer by way of User ID and Password.

(B) After possession of the above said ID only, the services shall be available to the customer in a electronic device known as server, which can be used a safer electronic space for putting the record(s) before the doctor etc. for anyone or intendment that customer (s) like.

(C) The terms and conditions entailed to the application form shall prevail over the ingredients of the application form.

(D) The services shall be available for a limited term like 12Months/24Months/36Months/etc. as per the agreement form, the generation of the ID which is known as validity. The application can be obtained either in person or through genuine sales agent of the company, on payment of required subscription fee fixed by the company.

(E) It is solicited as per the requirements of the customer and on coming to the company, located at Door No; 22-30, Opp. Fruit Market, P&T colony, Dilsukhnagar, Hyderabad.

(F) The services is available to the customer on proof of latest address proof , latest ID proof and latest photograph regarding the personality even for foreigners also known as KYC documents.

(G) The customer who needs the services of the company is to be the same person who shall avail and is expected to come in a fair view regarding ailments with backing reliable records and documents duly signed by the customer.(H) The Property such as Logos, contents, designs, graphics etc is not be copied by anyone nor to co-operate to anyone so as to copy and the same is prohibited, any violations will be invite criminal cases.

Terms and conditions:

  • This card which named and known as Msafe is not imputed and attributed any fiscal value to use as an instrument to satisfy financial needs by keeping as fixed deposit in any public and private financial institutions, ad not to sell to satisfy any financial needs. And no refund shall be expected by the The SanSra IBS India Pvt Ltd (the service provider) in case of non use or utilization of Msafe card.
  • After cancellation of ID customer/customers cannot access his/their account his/her details permanently deleted /erased from company’s server .If customer want to reuse the services again he/she has to pay the full amount to renew the services.
  • This ID / M Safe RFID Cards shall not be useful and cannot be used for any discounts in any hospital/ (s) DC centres/Pharma outlets while getting medical services, if they provide so any discounts the company shall not come in the way.
  • As it is not a Medical insurance such services shall not be available with the The SanSra IBS India Pvt Ltd.
  • It is not a Credit/Debit card/service.
  • The company shall not be held responsible in any case where the hospital/DC centres/Pharma Outlets authorities deny to entering the medical history of the customer.
  • Any wrong Medical history of the customer is entered by the hospital/(s) Doctors/DC centres/Pharma Outlets are anyone regarding previous/current medical history and the persons; the company is not held answerable.
  • The company is not to enter the new /current /latest /data in the ID as it contains only data given by the customer as on the date of ID generation.
  • The company got every right to cancel the registration in case of found any false information given by the client, in such instances prosecution can be launched, and while being no refunding the received amount.
  • The company got every right to share the data with the Government/ investigating /Medical /Research /Bio/Pharma agencies to protect the medical interest of the customer/customers and further to protect the next coming generation not to fall in diseases’.
  • The company got every right to sell the analysis/ data of the client/clients for which no objection is deemed granted by the customer.
  • In case of any alteration and /or modifications of the agreed services prior information will be given to customers through the SMS/E- Mail media.
  • Any feedback from the customer is solicited.
  • The Terms and conditions can change time to time and it is customer’s responsibility to update themselves from our website/websites.
  • INF EXPLORER SOFT TECH is paying upto 30 to 60% of received amount to the agents of the company towards their remuneration for invitation of customers.
  • The customer is freed to change his personal details like residential address etc., for which is his duty to get the same updated with the company.
  • The company got every right in the interest of customer to know the identification marks while delivering the data concerned for which is required to satisfy.
  • The company is not responsible for any mistakes committed by the hospital authorities where customer/customers approach for medical remedies. The customer and companies relationship is to in this respect in a confidential one relating to data preserved in the server and the company will not allow anyone to hack the data.
  • All the illegal jurisdiction will comes and falls within the jurisdiction of the Rangareddy District Territory.
  • The customer to exhaust prelitigation methods before suing and also vice versa.
  • The company is freed to change the address/phone/fax/e-mail IDs/websites and the same will be kept known to customers.
  • In case of any calamities or act of god any data lost of the customer/customers, the company is not liable for prosecution in any court of law yet company tries to restore the same if possible.
  • This software application is not error free.
  • The company will not be held answerable for any damages caused due to failure in power supply, server downs, network crashes and any other calamity which is the out of the reach of the hands of the company
  • The company is not liable and responsible in any way for wrong diagnosis and the treatment rendered by the hospital basing on the data submitted and is recorded in the server.
  • No grace period will be there for revalidation of ID and it is upto the client to renew the same by paying the required fees subjected to the terms and conditions prevailed at the time.
  • Fees, prices, costs and available services will be changed depending on the various circumstances that will compel.
  • No Discounts to be given in Prices cost and all the clients will be seen on the same footing.
  • Change of plans will be the option of the customers within 30 days of the inspection of the period of services, if it is not within 30 days the customer is to exhaust the complete plan term, and the client is to pay the differential amount as per the fixation by the company.
  • The company reserves all the rights to accept the application forwarded by the customer in the above respect and it can be cancelled at anytime if found suppression of the material facts; data etc. which will cause damage to the company and its services, in that instance the amount received cannot be refunded.
  • The renewal of the period is also the sole discretion of the company so, also the customer can cancel the subscription by way of de activation, in such instances the amount received is not refunded and any data/ medical history is completely deleted from the server and cannot be regained.
  • The SanSra IBS India Pvt Ltd is providing life insurance and giving a gift as a inaugural offer scheme to the registered customers who applied for MSAFE service and these services are providing by third parties and time to changing the service providers as per the company’s sole discretion on payment of monitory consideration by the The SanSra IBS India Pvt Ltd. The value of the gift & Insurance coverage is left with the sole discretion of the The SanSra IBS India Pvt Ltd. As the above services or any future services like this are being provided by third parties, the The SanSra IBS India Pvt Ltd and all authorized representatives of The SanSra IBS India Pvt Ltd will not be held answerable in any event of any type, and shall not come within the prevue of consumers protection act, and shall stand by the provided customers.

Refund Policy:

In case of dissatisfaction of the customer (s) from the services, within the 7 days of ID generation the paid amount will be refunded by the way of cheque/online transfer excluding the expenses incurred by the company and also services availed by the client during the period, and in case of cancellation after 10 days of the ID generation no refunds shall take place. The cost paid towards services to the company cannot be refunded to the customer in any instance.