The ingredients of this agreement along with the online-application for empanelment is very much known to the prospect /existed tie-up empanelled medical care agencies with SanSra IBS India Pvt Ltd, to provide their medical related services to the registered customers of SanSra IBS India Pvt Ltd EMR Service, is very much known as MSAFE .The same ingredients shall be applicable to the tie-up Diagnostic Centres, Hospitals, Pharma outlets or any other medical care agencies with which the MSAFE customer(s) shall get required medical related services.

For convince the word "we" indicates the SanSra IBS India Pvt Ltd "the Company" the word "You" indicates the "Hospital(s), Diagnostic centre(s), Medical Shop(s) and the authorized person(s), the group of persons who provides medical care services through their medical care agencies to the general public. The "Card Holder" indicates, Msafe customer who bought the MSAFE card to store his/her medical records through electronic way.

General terms & conditions for empanelment to accept “Msafe” card at Medical care agencies:

  1. "You" have to accept the "MSAFE" card and to honour the required medical related services by the "MSAFE" card holder on his / herself presence at the medical care agency (Hospital. Dc and Pharma outlet) for (such as / like as) treatment, medical tests and medicines purchases Etc by virtue of the production of the “MSAFE” card by the “MSAFE” card holder and to that extent medical record is to be maintained and to get entered the medical related data/medical records in to the “MSAFE” card provided by the "MSAFE" card holder.
  2. "You" are precluded and prevented from using the "MSAFE" card holder’s medical /personal details in any way for any purpose either for your organization use or for any other person.
  3. "You" are precluded and prevented from the "MSAFE" card holders medical related data or personal details not to be disclosed to any person or any organization except to the card holder and on his/her written request and the disclosers (if any on special event) must not be for unethical purpose.
  4. By accepting "MSAFE" card at "your" medical care agency "you" will get only business promotion through us to our registered customers and “you” must not to expect any monitory benefit(s) or any benefits in kind.
  5. As per the agreement and understanding held with "you" are to give 10% concession on the payable genuine value of the payable amount, and this constraint applicable only to the “Msafe card holder”.
  6. "Hospital" authorities is to provide free of consultations for twice to the card holder during the life time of "MSAFE" card.
  7. The entry of the medical data of the card holder in to the card holders “Msafe” Account is not to be meddled with by "you" which are the empanelled, with ulterior motive so as to cause damages to card holder in any way and fashion, for which the SanSra IBS India Pvt Ltd will not be liable, accountable and answerable.
  8. The whole ingredients of this agreement held by "us" with "you" is not to be disclosed to the "customer / card holder" relating to the payment of consideration by “us” to the above and also monitory concession that is secrecy is to be maintained, as this company is private one and is for consideration one.
  9. In case of cessation of the contract the financial and fiscal relationship is to be settled pre-emptively and one month notice is to be given to “us” and vice versa, and during the gestation period is no damages is to be caused to the “Company” and coming “Msafe Card holders”., violation of this agreement or any portion of this agreement and any ingredients violation shall invite criminal and civil cases.
  10. The agreement charges and cost if this agreement is to be borne by “you” as the case may be.
  11. "You" have not to alter or enhance the price of the services for one year, without changing the quality of the service. The price chart levied is to be enclosed with the application form and be seen be received by the “Company”.
  12. There is no guarantee of business volume / business promotion is given to “you” by the “Company” and no partiality be expected from., so also expecting the same services by the “Company” from them, at the same time getting medical services by the “Card Holder” will not interfered by the “Company”, The choice is left with him / her.
  13. This agreement is intransferable in any form and any name other than “you” which name is found in this agreement / application.
  14. The "company" got every right to alter, change, cancel, add and, modify Etc. of the agreement or any of the ingredient or ingredients of the agreement without prior notice to the lateral party of the agreement.
  15. Any violation of the agreement or any part and portion of this agreement by “You” is causing damages to the “Msafe “ card holder and to the Company is inviting for the cancelation of this agreement and claim for damages either by the “card holder” or by the “Company” or by the “both”.

Agreement Modifications:

We hold all the rights, at our sole discretion, to change and modify or otherwise alter these terms and conditions at any time. Such modifications shall become effective immediately upon the posting thereof in our website. You must review this agreement on a regular basis in our website to keep yourself apprised of any changes.